Gloriane and Bill

The One

On 10/26/10, I came across a profile. I'm not sure how. I certainly was not looking for a man that lived 2,000 miles away in Georgia, but that's where this man was. I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever seen. I read his profile, which was something I didn't usually do, and he came across so sincere and honest. He was the polar opposite of everything I am. He lives in the country. I was a city girl. He listened to country music. I listened to everything but country. The list goes on...Anyway, I sent a message telling him I enjoyed his profile and gook luck. I didn't even include my name. Well, when he responded, that was the day my life would change forever. I knew immediately he was "the one". I had never, ever in my life felt that way about a man. I learned he was recently divorced and I thought "great", but I couldn't walk away from this man. We had a lot more downs than ups, but our love got us through those tough moments. On June 15th, 2012, we married in Laguna Beach, Ca and I am now living in Georgia. Thank you, OkCupid! We would have never have met on eHarmony.

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