Stacey and Jaya

Friends Became Lovers

Jaya was the one to first contact me, curious as to why some blonde chick claimed to be Hindu. He had just moved to San Diego, and I was always interested in making a new friend. Neither of us were looking for a relationship at the time, but I guess fate knew better than we. :)

Our first "date" of sorts was to get groceries (I don't drive, and Jaya is always down to eat), and we were inseparable after our first meeting. Our interests, values, and personalities complimented each other, and our families got along perfectly. We moved in together after six months of dating, and on March 15th of 2012, Jaya asked me to marry him. Naturally, I said yes.

It is close to impossible to find two people who compliment each other as well as Jaya and I do, and we would have never found each other if it wasn't for OkCupid.

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