Preston and Kate

So Happy

Well, I've been in serious and crazy relationships. I wasn't sure where to go for something better. So I knuckled up and got online. I did match and a few others but there was nothing. I found OkCupid and wow lots of people. I set up my profile and started answering questions. Believe me answer a bunch. It narrows it down. So I talked to a few women and went on a date. I was getting discouraged but kept on my profile and being active. Then one night i check my account and bam a cute girl with curly fizzy hair asks me about a samurai movie. We talk for about a month. We have so much in common but not everything. So I ask her to meet me and a bar. We meet and we talk for hours and really get to know each other more. She"s happy I'm happy and I ask her on a date again. SHE SAID YES! So happy at this point, but she is going to bonaroo. I don't see or hear from her for a week not a few days like she said. I'm sad and upset but its time to get back on OkCupid. She calls me one day and we go out on that date. Classic dinner and a movie. I take her home walk her to the door and I get a kiss. She was so nervous. I knew she was really into me. I was walking away from the door and she asked "Do you think we're dating?" I said yes I think so. We've been together ever since.

Thanks OkCupid for getting us together. I don't think we would have found each other if not for you guys.

Loves you Katers.

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