Dan and Jenn

It's just easy

The story of Jenn and I could very well be described as an unusual one. It's a story that involves a lot of sarcasm, a bit of sass, a ton of irony but ultimately fate was the key factor.

See Jenn and I were both on the site but not actively looking for a significant other (the twist of irony). I was in the process of moving and putting out my first book and Jenn had started a new job and was busy building her new career.

I had no expectation of finding someone I wanted to contact and she was beginning to find the entire experience a bit hapless.

So how did we find each other? Well, it all began when one day I am looking through my matches and see this girl that I found attractive from first glance. I opened her page up and began reading. She was sassy, confident, smart, edgy and sophisticated...or in other words the complete opposite of women I dated in the past. Almost on a lark I send her an e-mail. Figuring there was not much of a chance I would hear back I decided to have fun with it. I took what she said and used a lot of it and added in my own sarcastic zest.

I sent the e-mail out not expecting to hear anything back. The next day I unexpectedly heard back from her. Just as I imagined, she came back strong. Immediately ripped on me for being from Jersey. I was impressed. She continued to write a long e-mail answering my inquiries and asking me more questions about myself. Most women don't do this unless they are interested.

As freaky as it sounds, that first e-mail back I felt something different, this was a woman I could converse with and could keep up with me. For the next three days we went back and forth almost hourly.

One of Jenn's favorite stories is how when we first started talking she went out on a date and was so bored she began emailing me ON THE DATE.

The more we spoke the closer we got, and when I finally asked her for her number and I heard her voice it was game over. That seems crazy even for me but everything was so easy between us. We could talk about the most insignificant things and we enjoyed each other. We would play Words with Friends and be competitive with each other. One thing about Jenn is that she is a heck of a trash talker.

The only problem was that I was three weeks from the move to San Diego. It was agonizing every day. Neither one of us were of the opinion that you can be with someone without meeting them but, as they say, 'when you know, you know.' We stopped looking for others and agreed to be exclusive.

As the days counted down and it was finally time for me to hit the road it was exciting and nerve-wracking. We had become so accustomed to talking every night that the next 48 hours were going to be tough. The plan was that I was going to get to Cali on a Tuesday and see her for the weekend on Friday.

Every state I drove through was a bit closer to Jenn and every moment that passed was one less I would have to live without her.

Love, as scary as it seems was a foregone conclusion. Jenn was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

My friend that I drove with and I stopped in Vegas for two nights and anxiety grew. We had waited so long and I knew we could wait till Friday but I didn't want to. Everything in me wanted to see her, look into her eyes, give her a hug and kiss and begin our lives.

We decided to meet the day I got in.

That was a Wednesday. Most would think there would be nervousness or anxiety but with Jenn there really wasn't any. She picked me up, I got into the car with a big happy birthday balloon for her...by the way that balloon almost got us killed, but that's a story for another day.

The first thing we did was lock lips and yes fireworks went off, the church bells rang, Mr. Ed let out a 'hee-haw' the whole nine yards. We embraced and stared at each other. All of our feelings were confirmed.

We went to dinner and enjoyed each other. For the first time I told her I loved her in person and heard it back.

That was the beginning of our lives.

Jenn and I have already discussed moving in together and will be doing so in the next few months. A proposal and wedding are definitely down the line but we for the moment are just enjoying every moment.

The two most common things I was told about love were 'Love will find you when you least expect it' and 'when you meet the one, it's just easy.' These two things were huge in the story of Jenn and I. During a period of life that neither one of us had any hope of finding someone, we found each other.

Thank you OkCupid. Neither one of us believed but fate intervened.

Dan and Jenn

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