Jennifer and Correl

"I recommend OkCupid to all of my friends!"

I found Correl (Coderphoenix) through the OkCupid match search and sent him a message around mid-October. We soon began talking on AIM and on the phone. I was able to convince him to come visit me in Red Bank by promising to show him Kevin Smith sites.

Correl and I met one cold fall evening in 2008, at a Dunkin Donuts. We clicked and didn't want the evening to end and ended up wandering to various restaurants and diners until we were forced to part.

We've been together ever since that day and I moved in with him this past summer. We just celebrated our one year anniversary in October (picture attached) and continue to be happy and in love!

I had been on OkCupid for a few years and met a lot of people, some of whom I am still friends with. I never thought I could find "the one" through a dating site, but I did. And I recommend OkCupid to all of my friends!

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