Erin and Mathew

From UES to Brooklyn

Mathew and I met at Yura Coffee on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the morning on September 24th, 2010. He was shy and I was as loquacious as usual when we first met, and I could tell that he was very sweet. We definitely had that glow and that magnetic chemistry when we sat next to each other. He was going to Arizona to visit his brother the week after and he wanted to make plans again on our first date. After that, it is what they say, the rest is history.

We have turned into one of those couples that sit together all day in pajamas and eat cereal on the couch when we are off. We are passionate about animal rescue and we love helping animals together. We participate in Kittykind (a cat adoption charity for animals death row in NY) and we adopted a 2 year old friendly and abandoned tabby cat named Casey together. Big fans of late nights, he and I sleep past noon regularly and watch crime drama before work every day. I do all of the shopping for the special diet Mathew is on for his diabetes and he cooks for both of us!

Mathew has been more influential in my life than anyone I have ever come into contact with. There is no one who is more sincere and concerned than Mathew, I never dreamed that someone could possibly be so wise and so kind.

I have moved from the Upper East Side to the middle of nowhere (Midwood, Brooklyn) to live with Mathew and I am very happy here! He helped me and encouraged me to get my new business (a nanny and staffing agency) off the ground as it required a NY State license, difficult insurance, bonding, enormous start up costs to follow the specific laws. I don't think I could have managed the stress without him.

Our love is proof that it is not where you live, but who you live with that makes all of the difference. Mathew proposed to me on 12-13-12 in our apartment with silver balloons and white roses. We are so happy and I am delighted to thank your site for it! We hope to set a date in the spring of 2014.

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