Megan and Avi

A Job and a Wife!

He lived in Colorado, and I lived in Arizona. We spent our first year together chatting online nightly and visiting each other every few months. By the end of our first year, Avi and I decided we were right for each other, and because he had fewer ties to Colorado than I had to Arizona, he set about sending resumes out and coming to Tucson for interviews. My last trip to Colorado, we went engagement ring shopping. A month later, he came to Tucson for a job interview (he wasn't offered the job), and proposed in our hotel room that evening.

The very next day, he got a phone call from another company he had applied to, had an interview just hours before his plane was taking off, and as he waited in line to board the plane was offered the job. It's become our joke that he should have proposed sooner! Two weeks later, he moved here, we planned our wedding, and we've been married for 9 months.

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