Nadya and Said

A 98% Match!

It was an incredible experience... to find someone your 98% match. We had both had answered over 200 questions (!).

Said found me. We started talking nights and days, finding out more and more similarities and starting to be very interested in each other. In a few weeks, we realized we wanted to be in an exclusive relationship.

Back then, I was living in Cyprus and Said was in Lebanon. So, it took us 2 months until we met in person as he was tied up with business travelling. We chatted every night on Skype for a minimum of2 hours. Our total record once was 4.20 minutes :). It was never boring, and is never boring now.

Said visited me in Cyprus in October, 2012, and that journey sealed the deal :)

Since then, I have moved to Lebanon, met his lovely family, and we are making plans for the future. Our first Anniversary will be on the 27th of August, 2013.

THANK YOU, OK Cupid! We cant help but think every day how amazing that is that we met. And it is all because of YOU! Thanks, amazing talented OKCupid team, for this amazing tool that you created. We are very grateful. Nothing like finding your other true half...

P.S. I advise your website to ALL my single friends as I have personally discovered the POWER of this online magic. Good luck to all out there! Don't settle for someone who isn't right for you while there is your soul-mate waiting to be found! :) Give it a go!!

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