Perry and Merri

Signed Up For A Friend

After 10 years as a widow, Merri had sworn off online dating. Then, a friend asked her to check out a possible match (for the friend) on OkCupid. Merri said she would, but to do so, she had to set up a quick profile of her own.

With almost no criteria, she was flooded with possible matches. She glanced at a few and, third from the top, saw Perry's photo. Cute enough, so she scanned over his profile and dashed off a short note, agreeing that she felt the same about something he had said about himself. She really expected no reply, but he saw the message come in, and IM-ed her. They chatted on the phone for an hour, exchanged a few e-mails through the day, and had dinner that evening. That was April 2009.

In one major way, they were an unlikely couple. Her career intertwined her deep Presbyterian faith, while he was agnostic. Yet, as boomers, they had each learned to stay open to new perspectives, so they explored the possibilities, and promised to be their true selves with each other, always. They discovered that their underlying fabric was remarkably similar, and they grew to accept and cherish one another for who they truly were, with no need to change the other. The trust, joy, and love they built was unlike any either had ever known.

Within two months of meeting they knew they would be married, with a wedding in April 2010. Were it not for OkCupid, their circles never would have intersected, and this love would not have bloomed.

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