Abby and Kyle

Almost Opposites

When we first talked, it was more of a search for friendship or conversation! No real hope in online dating websites either or a fairy tale true love.

When I got his second or third message, he told me to call him. I was hesitant and a bit shy, so I sent him a text instead. We began texting all night till morning. Than it turned into phone conversations where I began to tell all! I was blown away how quickly I began to like him, felt connected and care for him. Kyle was a man I could be honest with.

When we first met, we met at a park. We hung out and we realized we were complete opposites. I almost hated him. We drifted our own ways, but he was still on my mind and I had no idea why. I just didn't give it up. I would text him even when I got no no response. I didn't know why, but I missed him.

Soon he called me one night at work and my butterflies returned and all I could do was smile. After a long summer of random late night, deep and sweet conversations, Kyle and I met up and decided to date. We realized we couldn't be apart. We dated in June and by January he had moved to where I was going to school.

We plan on moving in together this May, and getting married by the time I'm done. He is my everything, and OkCupid helped him find me! Thank you!

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