Philip and Suzanne

She's The One

Well at first she thought I was extremely annoying and rude, but I messaged her anyways. We went to the same school,and I knew her, but she never noticed me throughout H.S. (only heard bad rumors). I had a feeling she could have been playing me from the start, but we'd fallen under each others' spell by then. We met up couple days later on the 1st at Longwood High School.

I finally got to see her at the cafeteria where she was shaking from being so nervous. There was a cluster of students rampaging around the Longwood I remembered. We met up later in the photo room where she held me for the first time. I remember that feeling I got when we held each other and I still have the same feeling when we hold each other.

From the start I wasn't the greatest guy, actually quite far away from decent. I womanized, lied and cheated my way through to get what I wanted. But even though I thought I was ahead of the curve, I was lonely and miserable. It was hard convincing her that I wanted to change for her, and still is sometimes, but I feel a new revival with Suzanne. A knuckle ball feelin' of love that's driving me to change into a better person.

I remember confessing my love to Suzanne indirectly at Coram Movieland. After eating dinner at Mariachi's, we went down to the grocery store, where I got Suzanne flowers. As we walked up the corner, I told her that I had this feelin' that's been feeling for a while. She eventually drove me to admit that I was falling in love with her.

Our time together had many tragedies though and even though this is a success story, you dun' get a happy ending without falling in the dirt. She ended up in a hospital only couple weeks after dating at an intersection. (my fault) After thinking I was going to lose her for good, the feeling of separation and tragedy came back with a vengeance.

I've been there for the recovery and we've been through many tears and pains, but we're still here. Most people say that you can go the rest of your life without finding the one. That statement's a shame, really. Going the rest of my life without Suzanne wouldn't be life at all. I've been asked what's different about Suzanne, from all the other relationships I had in the past. The very fact that I was engaged showed that I believed that I was in love once. But then I tell them that the difference then and now is that believing is completely different from knowing. She's the one.

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