Trish and James

"He wanted to cheer me up!"

We first started talking in September 2005. He randomly messaged me after I came up in a search he did for people near his hometown who liked a certain band. I was the first to come up and he said I looked "sad" in my default picture and wanted to cheer me up.

He saw I was interested in a lot of the same things as he was and we messaged each other back and forth every day until we actually met. He was stationed in Okinawa, Japan at the time and I flew there to meet him 3 months later. After a very short courtship we were married in
February, 2006.

We're now living in Germany with our rottweiler, Layla, and our 4 year wedding anniversary is coming up soon. James and I weren't on OkCupid looking for dates, let alone marriage, but instead for all the fun quizzes and tests. Neither of us had ever met anyone from the Internet before this. Thank you OkCupid!

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