David and Misty

Lighted Love

Misty and I went to a typical "dinner and a movie" first date on May 30, 2009. That was all it took! We went on several dates that first month, and she invited me to meet her two beautiful children. It was about a 35-40 minute drive from my city to hers, but it was worth the gas money! I went down every chance I could. I knew we were right for each other, and knew we'd be together forever. After 5 months, I moved to her city and about 3 months after that, I proposed.

We had just gone out on our New Year's date (on January 3rd, because I had to work on New Year's). When we got back to her house, she walked up the stairs to grab a blanket, but did not turn the lights on. I walked behind her, so I would have room to kneel with the ring. I knelt down, and opened the lighted ring box. Misty was still looking the other direction, thinking I was just throwing my coat on the chair. I said, "Misty...Misty" and she finally turned around (later telling me she thought I was lost in the dark and about to give me crap for it!).

I proposed, and after what was probably a few moments, but what seemed like 3 days, she said "YES!" The lighted box worked out perfectly for the moment. I had planned on proposing that night, but wasn't sure when. I'm so glad Misty decided not to turn the lights on. It made an extra-special moment even more special!

Misty and I are going to be married on May 29th...exactly 365 days from our first date!

Thank You, OkCupid.com!!!!

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