Keli and Dustin


I had just spent New Year's Eve with a longtime friend and her husband, and I was down about not having a special someone. She told me that she thought I should start the year fresh and do something different. I decided she was right.

The next day I got online to cancel my OkCupid account. I hadn't logged on in a few months. I had an email from ds_1 that had been sent a few months prior. He happened to be online during the few minutes that I got on to cancel., and he messaged me. We chatted, and wound up chatting for several hours.

We met in person 2 days later and have been inseperable since. He accepted my son from a previous marriage with open arms. We got married on April Fool's Day, exactly 3 months after we met. One week later, we found out that we were expecting identical twins!

Not only did OkCupid give me the man of my dreams but now we have 2 gorgeous baby boys.

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