Maria and Chris

He Says, She Says

It was about this time two years ago that I met my future best friend, Chris, on OkCupid.

HE SAYS it started like this: He had seen my profile in his matches and had liked my eyes and my cheeks. He read my profile and wanted to get to know me. He noticed that we had been stalking each other for awhile (a great feature on this site, if you ask me), so he messaged me. I did not respond, and he was sad.

But I KNOW it REALLY went like this: His bright red hair had caught my eye. His profile looked like he could have been what I was looking for. He wasn't 21 though, and that was a deal breaker. I don't remember getting his message at all looking back I think I may have just deleted it because of the age issue. I was back to the drawing board for awhile

Well the next time I ventured onto the site I saw him again. He had turned 21 and I figured "What the hell." I messaged him.

The next time Chris logged on to OkCupid, it was to delete his account. He had had enough of lame girls and pointless emails. He saw my message waiting in his inbox and wasn't even going to read it. The he thought "What the hell." He opened my message.

We've been dating for almost 2 years by now. Chris moved to Orlando to be closer to me, and we recently got an apartment together. We are so compatible, and could not be more perfect for each other. He is my person, and I found him here, on your site. So, from the both of us, thank you so much. You guys run an amazing business and I might not have ever found him without your help. I love telling everyone where we met, and I am now an amazing supporter of online dating. Thanks again!!!

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