Nancy and Jack

Bi Bi Birdie

I wasn't really looking to date a man when we first began chatting on this website. I am bisexual, and I was hoping to meet a good woman who could be my long-term partner at the time. But there was something about Jack that I really liked, and we just clicked instantly.

I noticed right away that he has impeccable typing. There was not a punctuation out of place! Ha! Ha! We exchanged novel messages, and not a sentence was left unread. Chemistry works in mysterious ways, and often times our ideal types fly out the window the moment we meet someone we connect with. I opened my heart, and now I am glad that I did. He was funny, charming, and laid back.

The messages soon turned into text messages, and then, "Phone Soundboard." It is something we made up one day after I discovered some celebrity soundboards on the internet. We left each other funny voicemails and laughter ensued. He made a positive impression on me. And after a while, we met in person, and he was exactly the way I pictured him, and more. He took me out to eat at one my favorite places. And like I always say, "The way to my heart is my stomach!" We got along very well online, and even better in person!

So, the next time someone sends you a line, keep an open heart, and an open mind. You never know what could happen! Thanks a lot, OKC! <3

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