Nicole and Christopher

His Flannel Shirt Didn't Stop Me

I was the first to message Chris. I told him I could beat him at guitar hero. He responded to my challenge well and we started messaging back and forth on a regular basis. I asked him to go to the zoo lights with me. That was our first date. He was late to pick me up. He was nervous and told a bad story. It was super cold. We went to dinner after the zoo and he wore the most awful plaid flannel shirt. Then we went to karaoke with a friend. He was adorable and sang songs in the car all the way home.

He wanted to kiss me goodbye but was too nervous. The next day, I knew he had to work and he is the manager at a movie theatre close by. I wanted to see him so I asked a friend to go see a movie with him. He got off work the same time our movie go out. He walked us to my car and he kissed me for the first time on December 16th, 2009.

I am so happy to say that, 3 months later, we are engaged and planning our wedding for next year. Despite how awkward our first date was, I truly feel like I have found my soulmate. I have never met someone that I can be so comfortable and open with. He is the sweetest man in the entire world. His sense of humor is a great compliment to mine. He is super supportive and is my #1 fan. Thank you OkCupid for helping me find the man of my dreams! I am so excited to marry him!

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