Valerie and Edward

We Knew!

This is a true love story...

Ed messaged me first with a great message. He didn't sound like every other guy, so I messaged him back. I had been taking a vacation back in MI to see my friends and family when he first messaged me, and started to message back and forth quite a lot. All the messages were at least two pages long.

From the very beginning, we had a ton in common and we both knew something was there. I got back from Michigan and we decided to meet on August 23rd. I was super nervous, since I had never met anyone from online let alone ever think I would be trying an online dating site.

We went to dinner and a movie and it was the start of something great. We saw each other almost every weekend from there on out. We went to the roller derby, more movies, the drive in, explored his town, and saw Rocky Horror Picture Show at his school (because he was the sound engineer). It took almost two months to become 'official' but it was all worth it.

It was three weeks before Halloween, the 10th of October, when we were at his school for a show. We were walking along when we came to the conclusion that we wanted to be with each other and no one else. The next week, we went to his friend's wedding where I had to meet all of his friends which was a lot of fun and on Halloween night we told each other that we loved one another.

From then on out, we have been crazy strong, going through family drama, a car crash, and so many good times. He flew back to MI with me over Thanksgiving to meet all my friends and family and had the great idea to surprise my family on Christmas morning (by driving twelve hours). We are planning on a future together and he will officially ask my dad for my hand in marriage next month when my family comes to visit (and maybe a proposal since he already bought a ring :).

I never thought I would ever meet someone so amazing ever. If it weren't for OkC I would have never met the love of my life.

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