Christy and John

Longtime Love!

My friend got me to join OkCupid to take quizzes with her while we were in college in 2004, and I started checking out profiles of local folks for fun. I messaged a few people back and forth and met a few (that I'm still friends with today!), so when John messaged me I wasn't opposed to the whole "meeting people online" thing anymore.

He had just moved to Dallas and didn't know anyone; we chatted and messaged back and forth a ton in the beginning. I was one of his highest matches. :) I went to meet him the first time at his parents' house (awwwwkwaaaaaaaard) and figured we would just be friends. He was really great, but I wasn't looking to date anyone. Well, we kept talking and kept hanging out and finally I said to myself, "What are you doing? GO FOR IT!" I had never met anyone I got along with so well- even though we have our differences, we compliment each other perfectly.

After dating for several months I was nearing graduation and John was still looking for a full-time job. I knew I wanted to continue to date him after college but didn't know what was in store. He got a job opportunity in San Diego right as I got out of school so we packed up the car, broke the news to my parents, and moved in May of 2005. We got married in July of 2008 and had our first little baby-dude in January 2010.

Five plus years later, our relationship keeps getting better and better. I tell everyone who is looking to meet someone to check out OkCupid!

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