Rachael and Chris

Friendship To Love

Chris was living in Los Angeles, and I was in Brisbane, Australia. We struck up a friendship in June of 2003 courtesy of OkCupid but we were both involved with other people closer to home, so the nature of the communication was platonic and without agenda.

He slipped off the radar after our initial contact until about September by which time his relationship and mine had both ended. We picked up our friendship again and after 5 months of solid online communication we knew we were completely right for one another. Chris quit his job and said goodbye to the USA to come to Australia to marry me and make a life here. We were married on January 1st 2005 in a very simple ceremony by the ocean in Byron Bay.

5 years on, we have a 3 year old son and a 20 month old daughter. We live in the beautiful Blue Mountains and we're a blissfully happy little family living an extraordinary life built on the magic of possibility, crazy decisions and LOVE :D

People are incredulous when we tell them how we met. We think it's a brilliant love story. The reason we've returned here to tell you about it is because I'm a songwriter and how my husband and I met has managed to make its way into a song. We wondered if you were still around - we see that you are. Nice work - thank you from the both of us.

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