Cortney and Timothy

Almost Canceled...

Cortney had been single and dating for a year and was pretty fed up the with creepy or macho guys that she seemed to continually attract. A good friend had met a nice boy on OkCupid, so she thought it was worth a shot.

On November 28th, after Cortney got home from biking in critical mass she found a woo from Tim. She perused his profile, liked what she saw (especially the adorable pictures of Timmy with his little grey cat) and sent him a message.

They messaged back and forth for a few hours before giving each other their screen names. They chatted for a week and got along so well they both wanted to meet very soon. One week later on December 4 they went on their first date.

Cortney almost canceled at the last minute because she had never met someone from the internet in person before and was afraid of what she would say if he turned out to be weird or creepy in person. After a one hour delay, they met at Pick Me Up Cafe where they drank coffee and talked for four hours!

They were such a perfect fit that they decided to have an exclusive relationship just two weeks later.

As of today they have been together for 1.5 years, they live together with their two grey kitties, happily ever after.

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