Roy and Alicia

Blooming Love

Our first date was amazingly awesome! We spent the entire day together, and it all felt like a blur! I really didn't want the day to end, but unfortunately it had to eventually. We went to the 2010 Philadelphia Flower show, and it was truly an amazing day. I was surrounded by so much beauty the entire day... even when we weren't at the flower show, I had the pleasure of looking at a delicate flower all day.

For lunch, we went to the Reading Terminal and ate some really great food! It was then that I knew she was different... before we ate, we prayed and the feeling I got with her was like nothing I had ever felt before; everything stopped and it was just us; it was beautiful! Everything was and is perfect, I see great things for us in the future!

It wasn't until the second part of our date that I convinced her that we were on a date! One of my students from my youth group asked if I was on a date, and at that point I looked at her, and without hesitation I told my student that we were.

By the grace of God, has he allowed for us to grow together and blossom and bloom in the new season of spring. I thank God every day for the love He has placed in my life, and I thank you OkCupid for allowing people to connect and get to know each other freely!

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