Liz and Ryan

Not Gay, As It Turns Out

The first time I met Ryan, I thought he was gay! (It turns out, it was just that he had all the sensitivity, compassion, energy, friendliness and approachability of my best gay friends and none of the disgusting alpha male bravado that I'd come to associate with straight men.) I was sort of under the influence and I passed out on the couch of a house party the moment he had arrived to meet me in person.

He patiently waited, partied, and then said something sarcastic to me the moment I woke up. I think that's when we knew we'd be best friends, if nothing else. ... 6 months later, we really are best friends: and then some. We play our guitars together, geek out together, have deep conversations, debate, smoke up, party, travel, have adventures, and just generally have a blast. This is the most stable, fun, and fulfilling relationship either of us has ever had & all of this happiness is completely thanks to OKC. <3

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