Nick and Ashley

He Says, She Says

Nick: I had been on OkCupid for about 8 months and happened to see amever09 online. So I looked at her picture and saw she was a hot redhead then I remembered what my friend Hadley had told me: "Nick, not every hot redhead is good for you." So I checked out our compatibility and it was something like 93%. I sent her a message.

Ashley: I had literally just joined OkCupid three days prior. He started the conversation with a simple "Hi". Being new to the internet dating world I asked him for advice on how to know the real people from the phonies. He suggested I asked to be their friend on Facebook, not even a moment later; I received a friend request from him. I quote him directly: "Falls out of chair..." "Falls out of Chair again...". This was his way of complimenting me on the way I look.

Nick: I don't remember saying that twice but it does seem like something I would say.

Ashley: You said it like four times!

Nick: Aaaaaaaaanyway I asked if she has ever had sushi. She said no and I replied well bout time to try it don't ya think? We had a date that Friday.

Ashley: I agreed to meet him at Sushi Blues that night around 11 because I had to work late. On my way to the place I realized that I left my phone and on top of that I wasn't completely sure where the place was. Well, eventually I found it. I walked down the sidewalk to where Nick and his friend Jen were sitting at a table outside Sushi Blues. Nick Introduced Jen by saying, "This is Jen. She works here." (Later Jen brought up this fact and it made Nick feel bad.)

Nick: I was just in shock to see this beautiful woman walking my way and I guess I wasn't thinking straight. (And sorry Jen!) All I know is that my jaw hit the floor when I saw you walking down. I thought to myself "Oh my god, if this is her she's WAY out of my league." After I got my bearings and picked my jaw up off the floor, we found our way inside and found a spot at a bar. Halfway into our conversation, Ashley asked "I don't know how I'm doing. Am I doing this right? I haven't been on a real date in 6 years." I laughed and she said "No, seriously... 6 years!"

Right around this time the bartender walked up to our table and said "Do you know someone named Victoria?" Ashley blushed and said "Yeah, she's my friend." Why did she call? This is when I learned about the hidden plan behind the whole night and the "Emergency Call".

Ashley: Of course I had a back-up plan!! It would have helped if I had my phone with me, but the reality was that the emergency call wasn't needed. After sushi Nick asked me to go play pool at some bar but the place was packed and we ended up just sitting in a booth talking until the place closed. We were pretty much kicked out.

Nick: So after playing pool, I drove us back to her car and on the way I was frantically trying to think up an excuse at 2 something AM to keep this fantastic woman here with me a little bit longer. We ended up just talking for HOURS in my car until it was something like 5 in the morning. The only reason we parted ways was because we both REALLY had to pee and everything was closed.

Ashley: And from that moment on we have been inseparable!

Nick: True story. I honestly believe that night was the night I knew. I knew she was going to be my wife.

~Our Engagement~

Nick: Well I had driven up to Fairfax Virginia with Bryan literally just to look at the ring. This was the closest place that had the option for me to look at it. Even this place had to order it for me they had me look at the platinum version. Bryan and I spent the day having a blast, the ring was beautiful, and we found the best falafel place EVER. I had been talking to a guy at Quest Jewelers and we set up a time, just before I had a family gathering in New Jersey, for him to ship it to me. I was supposed to get it right before I left but things didn't work out that way so we shipped it to my work and they kept it in the store vault for me. I got back on the 6th and the first thing I did was went to the store and THEN to see Ashley.

Ashley: I was working and he called me to tell me he was on his way to see me. I was very excited due to the fact I hadn't seen him for three days. I felt that he had something up his sleeve because the way he was acting. When he got to my work, I was being a little pest and teasing him that I knew what was going on. (I really didn't.) I finally got off and we were going to visit my parents (can't recall the reason) and we decided it would be best if we take one car and pick up the other one later. As we were leaving I realized I'd left my phone at work AGAIN and we turned around.

Nick: So while we were driving back to her work my mind was going crazy with thoughts like "Well, she already knows I'm going to ask tomorrow at the museum." I have always heard that it should be a surprise, so as we pulled up I made my mind up. She went inside and I waited a few seconds then frantically popped my trunk and grabbed the ring ran back to my seat and sat on the ring box and all. In my head I told myself "Here we go."

Ashley: I ran back to the car and got in. As I turn toward Nick, he pulled out this blue box. He started to explain how much I meant to him and how much he loved me. All I could think at the time was "Ohmygod...ohmygod...ohmygod..." There was even a point that I thought it was earrings. He asked me right there in the first parking spot at Blincos Sport Bar!

Nick: I honestly cant remember word for word what I said. I remembered saying something along the lines of "Now, I know if I open this box you wont pay attention to me you will just stare at whats inside. I love you with all my heart and always will. From the day we sat in the car till 5 am I knew you were going to be my wife." I think I kept rambling for a minute or two then I finally opened the box and said "Ashley Marie Everhart, will you marry me?"

Ashley: And as you all know... I said YES!!!! I couldn't believe what I saw in the box... my dream ring. We still went to my parents house because I didn't want to tell them the news over the phone. The next morning Nick took me to see the butterflies anyway! I wouldn't change a thing.

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