Julia and Tristan

Nerd Love

Well, I (Julia) had just joined the site, and had only been on about 2 weeks. I was perusing profiles, and he caught my eye instantly. Considering I had come to the site with the aim of dating a woman, that's saying something! I sent him a message just saying hello and asking what he did for fun, but I couldn't resist sending a second message right after I sent the first telling him that he was very handsome. :)

We started talking on OKC, quickly moved to AIM, then facebook, then telephone. We talked on the phone almost every day, and eventually decided that we should meet. :) He came to visit me, and we went bowling, went to dinner, and watched Harry Potter and Star Trek. (We're quite nerdy. :-P ) A couple weeks later, and after lots of talking, we had a second date, and that night we decided to be in a relationship. :) He's all I could ever want in a person. <3

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