Kaitlyn and Ben

Almost Chickened Out

I almost chickened out of our first date. For all I knew, I could be a victim of some internet scam. Trembling and on edge, I drove to the Italian restaurant where we'd decided to meet. I arrived first. My nerves couldn't handle the wait, so I called a friend, whom I told that I was going to turn around a go home!

Mid-conversation, Ben sent me a text message reading, I kid you not, "Look for the severely obese man driving a red '97 Mazda pick-up truck." I freaked out.

What had I gotten myself into? Exasperated, I told my friend, "He didn't look obese! His pictures weren't obese! Is someone else driving him? Did he put up false pictures? I'm going home!"

A minute later, the tiniest silver Hyundai I've ever seen parked next to me. The driver opened the door slowly and got out. He was tall - a foot taller than I - and thin with broad shoulders. With his glasses, he was a bit dorky looking, but very cute. It was Ben.

Over the past seven months, our relationship has gone on in much the same manner. In this time, Ben has convinced me of various absurdities including: he once ran over a homeless man with a zamboni at Disney on Ice, and he voted for George Bush in 2004.

Today we live together, share vehicles, play in the same band, and plan on going to Korea together next June to teach English.

In case you're wondering about the photo, we were baby hunters for Halloween. That is a dead skeleton baby on Ben's shoulder, and a tortured baby body on my sword.

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