Corinne and Josh

He Inspires Me

Two weeks after our first date I deleted my OkCupid profile. I regret it now only because I wish I still had that wonderful letter he first wrote me.

I had been on the site a few weeks before Josh messaged me. He was the only date I went on, and if I recall i got LOTS of messages. He called me at work to confirm plans that same day: "Hello, this is Josh , Ill be your date for the evening". I'll never forget how charming his voice was.

Our date and every date after that was magical. It's been almost 2 years and we just got engaged. Josh inspired me to be a better person, and to want more for us. I was pretty wild when we first met :). About three months into our relationship a few of our friends got on the site, no one could believe how wonderful we were together, especially since we'd met online.

My roommate made an acct and the same thing happened for him. He went on ONE date and almost a year later they are still blissfully happy, I'm hoping she moves in when Josh and I get our own place. I've been planning on sending you a thank you note for a while, but now that were engaged you might need to give me an address for a gift basket!

I love him so much. Thank you for this.

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