Sarah and Jodie

"Didn't Take Us Long To Realise We Had Oodles in Common!"

The first message Jo sent me via OkCupid was neatly laid out in bullet points, picking out things she liked about my profile. My t-shirt, the band Anberlin, and asking whether I'd shut my hand in a cupboard door recently. I don't think anyone before that had ever really read my profle properly so I liked her straightaway and set about impressing her over MSN.

I'd never really thought about the OkCupid match percentage between us but it didn't take long to realise we had oodles in common and the fact we matched each other 'Super' on the music website sealed the deal. Music compatibility = very, very important.

We met almost halfway between our homes in Manchester for our first date and I took her to the cinema to see Lesbian Vampire Killers. Very apt. As soon as she was on the train home, she text me saying she wished she didn't have to leave at all, and I knew we'd be for keeps.

She proposed to me in July. Where? Sat in front of the TV, with her chihuahua balanced on her shoulder. I asked where my aeroplane banner or Daniel Beddingfield song were and she said she thought about doing something special, but couldn't be arsed. I couldn't really refuse her with a dog sat on her head; it was more 'us' than any grand romantic gesture would have been. I have now moved to her hometown near Leeds, have a job here and we've settled into a place together. Not bad for nine months' work!

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