Meri and Steven

He Brought Color to my Life

I had just gotten out of a relationship that had been going downhill for months (for me anyways). Annoyed with how quickly the other changed his OkCupid status back to single (thinking for a dating site one would want to wait a week after a break up before 'advertising' that they're single again), I decided I'd change mine back early. Well that same night Steven's profile caught my attention as I was leaving.

'Message me if.... you like those dinosaur shaped gummies.'

That caught my attention and I couldn't resist checking the rest of his page out. I saw he was online too, and after checking his page more thought he was too cool and good looking to bother him with an IM.

Well, to my surprise he IM'd me. Quickly, into the first hour of chatting, I regretted getting on. I had just gotten out of a relationship 4 days ago (grateful no doubt to be out of it though) but felt I couldn't pass this possibility up yet worried that he'd be a rebound.

A long story short, we met the next day, he knowing about my recent relationship and me knowing about how burned he was on the last one he had a few months prior. But we also went on this date with the idea to not expect another. Just to meet up, see how we were in person and see where it went from there.

It was like night and day difference from the last relationship. What I thought was an okay romance was a joke after the first date with Steven. He was so easy to talk to and has the same kind of jokey personality I have. I knew I was falling hard for this guy already (magnified when in the misty night he pulled me into a slow dance) and I could only hope that he was feeling just as interested.

Once the date was over it was a mutual agreement that we both wanted another date. Of course he was leaving the next day to go spend an early thanksgiving with parents so he was going to be far away for 5 days. And the worst part was I had a wonderful night, but with no one to tell it to. I wanted to give this new romance time before I felt sure enough about it to introduce him to people and the fact that everyone knew I was recently out of a relationship had a bad feel to it.

Now it's almost 5 months later (as of April 11th) and I couldn't be happier. Steven has brought color to my life. It was the best, quickest decision of my life and from what I know, we're going to be together for a long time. Thank you OKCupid!

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