Erin and Joseph

Let's Go To The Chapel

Joseph sent me a private message one night about a month after we both had joined the website. I had met a couple guys on here. already and I was talking to one of them at the time but didn't really class it as serious. We talked that night till around 7am when he got off work, that night I don't know how but got on the subject of children, he was sending me links to apartments in his area (which was 60 miles away from me!) and how we just thought we were coming to crossroads in our lives and we just wanted to settle down.

I won't lie... it really did frighten me that this guy I had just met we talking so seriously towards me. He sent me a link to his myspace the next night while we were chatting over yahoo! on web-cam and I noticed it stated he was 'in a relationship' and I sort of went off on his telling him I didn't think his girlfriend would appreciate him talking to another girl. Well he responded 'I don't think you would either, that's why I'm not'. So, I told him it was way too fast to consider us an item, considering we hadn't even met yet. He took it in the wrong way and didn't talk to his 'girlfriend' for nearly 2 weeks!

I eventually messaged him and said "Well, I'm curious... if we are an item why aren't you talking to me?" He told me he thought I wanted my space. Well, he was off that night and drove out to my side of town and help my shut down the gas station I was working at at the time. As he drove up I had a customer I told him to come to the door and I would let him in the booth. When he got to the door I opened it and much to our surprise I just said 'Hi Honey!' and kissed him.

After closing, we went to Wal-Mart (my addiction) and he got the first taste of my car air freshener shopping for and hour and a half picking up 50 of the same ones and telling him to smell them. Decided I wanted my Impala to smell like a fruity laundry basket the shortly gave me and him killer headaches. Then we went to IHOP and heading to our homes.

The next night I decided to drive there then back to my mother's and on my way home said screw it and just drove another 60 miles back to his house were I stayed the night next day went to work and got off and found out I had been locked out of my house... called him and he told me to come down to the Harris County Sheriff Office and pick up the keys and go 'home' and he was be off work at 6 am. I moved in that night, went to church with him that Sunday and ending up joining after 7 years away from God!

The past 7 months have been nothing but heaven sent, we get confirmed into the Catholic Church this Saturday April 3rd and we say our vows on the 10th. I don't know how I went from 'I'm never going to get married' to "Let's go to the chapel!" but it has happened and I can't imagine ever being as happy as I am with him. Thank you so much OkCupid. You truly have made my life complete by having us meet!!!

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