Tracy and Chad

Grump Finds Happiness!

I was on OKCupid "for the tests" and to snoop on a guy I had recently broken things off with. I was terribly grumpy and my profile indicated such - I believe I said "contact me if you are a masochist" and "people are exhausting".

Chad sent me a very to-the-point email - "if you don't want to meet anyone, why the photos? You keep coming up at the top of my matches...."

I didn't delete the email, but keep it tucked safely away, as I deleted others, and casually wondered about Chad, the Pixies, and fate. About a week later, Chad emailed me again, apologizing if he seemed abrupt, but still curious, as I was still a high match for him...

His utter sincerity charmed me to pieces. This time, I replied. That was August 2008. We began chatting on gmail and within just a few weeks we met in real life. I will never forget the way he looked at me, up the stairs of my house, as I gazed down and felt that amazing flip-flop that your heart does, when taken off guard...

We've been together ever since - weathering his divorce (it was pending at the time we met), a few moves around town, four children between us, and life. We were married February 27, 2010 and I still wonder - will the glow, will the tickle, will it ever wear off?

I don't think so.

Thanks OKCupid. Thanks a bunch :) We couldn't be happier.

Tracy & Chad

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