Jana and ryan

Love in Unexpected Places

He emailed me first. I read it and his profile and thought, "WOW!" He was everything I am looking for and then some! However, I saw his age and that he is five years younger than me, so I was just going to ignore him, but Ryan had other plans. He saw me online and IMed me. We chatted for almost three hours. We exchanged Facebooks and emails and later phone numbers. Ryan was out of state when we first started to chat (we live 88 miles from each other). He came back to town, and we planned our first date. We met at the local Christian coffee shop then went out to dinner. We hung out just talking for a few hours. We were hooked... Fell in love, and five months later, we got engaged. We are due to marry this July. We couldn't be happier. I am one very lucky girl!

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