Erin and Stefan

Good night sweetheart

Well... when we met, both of us had been out of relationships for decent amounts of time. He actually found me one day and we started to casually talk.
A few days later he askd for my phone number so we could talk more without using the site. One day was full of hundreds of text messages back and forth between us, and every text put smiles on our faces.

I finally called him one night just to hear each others voices and to tell him goodnight... he goes to bed earlier then me. After that night, it was for sure that we wanted to meet and see what could happen. Turns out he was going to come to watch me play softball in a tournament in Florence, SC. I was surprised that he came, but even more surprised that he met my dad that day and got along really well. My spring break was also coming up and so I decided to go to Charleston and stay with Stefan.

That was an amazing five days with an absolutely amazing guy who has stolen my heart. He asked me to be his girlfriend on St. Patty's day and ever since we have fallen more for each other. Stefan and I have not gone a day without talking since the first text and I love every minute of it.

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