BriAnne and Sean

Fiery Love

Sean and I met on OkCupid last year, but unfortunately for us, he and his ex got back together. I started dating another OkCupidian, and disabled my account, but Sean and I remained friends on Facebook, since we had hit it off so well.

Fast forward a few months. Sean and his ex broke up for good, and my first OkCupidian and I did not last. He posted his single status on Facebook. I commented on his status and he suggested that we meet face to face finally.
When I went to the restaurant where we had agreed to meet, I found it had closed suddenly due to a fire, but there he was, sitting outside, waiting for me.

We ended up talking for hours, and I knew our chemistry was real on that first day. Tall and cute, patient and kind, romantic and everything that I have ever wanted and come September 4, we will be married. Thank you OkCupid!

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