Holly and Craig

Palm Springs Wedding

Craig and I talked non-stop for almost two months. We would have met earlier but I was traveling and he has season tickets to the Sharks, so was busy with playoffs.

Our first date was the best I've ever had. It included my friend "stalking" him a few days before at a local sports bar, because I was worried that he might be too good looking for me. We met shortly after, at the same sports-bar. We knew instantly that the stars had aligned. No games. No lack of confidence. Just great times, lots of laughter and more love than I've ever known. We have been together every day since and were just married in Palm Springs. We're planning on starting a family and can't wait for the next adventure.

Since we both love facebook (I work there) and OkCupid, we posted the video footage of our wedding photobooth.

We can't thank OkCupid enough. We have both always known that we would have great love in our lives....thanks to you, we need to dream a bigger dream.

Holly and Craig

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