Liz and Robert

Better than a storybook romance...

So we had seen each other online, but were both too shy to talk to one another. Luckily, one evening I had been drinking and surfing, and with a little liquid courage decided to at least wink at this interesting guy that keeps checking out my profile.

He sent me back a message and we ended up talking late into the evening discovering we had a lot in common and wanted the same things. After meeting and dating a little while, we discovered we had many friends in common and had liked to hang out at the same places for years. We'd even spent a lot of time at each other's workplaces and somehow had missed meeting each other all this time.

I'd like to tell my friends and family we met in some romantic storybook kinda way instead of online way but clearly that was just not gonna happen and that's ok cause we met anyways, and I wouldn't trade him for any prince on a white horse or shining armor. We just make sense to each other and that's awesome.

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