Ashley and Jacob

Family Love

Jake & I both were only on OKCupid to be silly. My profile had funny things listed as likes as well as his did. We had listed our interests being scuba diving with leprechauns or taking daily hikes up Mt. Everest. His profile first came up while searching around in the area I was about to move to. I read what he had to say & actually felt relieved that a guy finally had something good to say as well as being funny. I checked out his pictures & just saw a regular college kid. There was one picture that stuck in my mind, though & I couldn't tell if he was going to be a jerk or if he really meant the things he talked about in his profile. He had a strong love for music & seemed really in tune with life around him.

Anyway, I passed up writing him until the next day when it just kept weighing on me to give it a shot & say hello. I remember telling him I was hesitant on writing because I wasn't looking for a hook-up as I had just gotten out of a relationship. I mentioned that it was refreshing to see a guy have things worth talking about & maybe we could chat sometime. As far as I know, he checked out my photos of when I had dreads & wrote me right away.

We began talking almost all the time and went from OkCupid to AIM & then sooner or later we got the nerve to call each other. We found out that where I was moving he would be there the same day I was moving in to see a concert with a buddy. This was on St. Patty's day. His buddy ended up switching plans so he had all day to hang out. The moment I saw him it was like nothing else. I never had that "OMG, this is it" feeling in my life until him. I actually ran over to him & hugged him like a long lost friend & that's not even my character. As I walked around the car to the other side to get in my heart was beating so fast & I had this silly smile stuck on my face. Come to find the same thing was going on for him. We both remember thinking "Uh oh..." in our heads.

April Fools Day was coming up & while we talked on the phone 2 hours away from each other we decided to play a prank on all our friends on Facebook & Myspace by saying we were going to get married. Of course, they all totally freaked out because had just met. My friends weren't really phased because I'm pretty spontaneous & go for things quickly. As we joked about it for awhile & let our friends freak out it started sinking in that we really did want to go ahead & do it. So we did.

We actually planned for April Fool's Day but couldn't get a hold of a friend of ours who was an ordained minister. So, we waited till April 6th, called up my brother & his girlfriend & Jake's two best friends for witnesses, went to the court house & met up with our friend to make it official.

Within a few days I was all packed up & moved into his dorms until we got our first apartment. 15 weeks later I noticed I wasn't feeling well anymore so we went to Walmart...YUP! Totally pregnant!

The doctors told us we were 15 weeks along which meant....*cough* we made a baby the day we met. CALL THAT LOVE AT FIRST "SITE"? Or maybe just a little St. Patty's luck?

Anyway, here we are now, two years later. We live in Jake's hometown with our amazing one year old son & we are enjoying our life as a family!

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