Lauren and Scott

We're Jerks In Love

Once upon a time... okay, let's cut that shit now. It's not how we roll. We are much more cool and crass than that and apparently you guys down at OkCupid already knew that about and figured we'd be a really cute, callous and sarcastic couple. Thanks, guys.

It all started with a woo on the 26th of July, the summer of '07. It had been a really fun summer but I then decided I wanted to throw a cute boy into the mix which is why when this mohawked, dorkwad, cutiepie woo'ed me I messaged back. The very next day he called me. I was as giddy as a schoolgirl!

We went to Starbucks with a very dear friend of ours and talked about music and movies and awesome stuff until well after they closed. From there on, out we more-or-less spent all of our time together doing awesome things like sitting at Starbucks all night, watching movies and cuddling. There was a long time where I was sure that he only owned one CD (Teenage Politics by MXPX). Our song is Punk Rawk Show.

Our cuteness has had a tendency over the years to cause nausea in some folks. Things we enjoy include but are not limited to sleeping in the same bed, playing games (I win most of the time so we don't play often due to his sore loserdom.) Watching movies and snuggling, playing with our (coolest ever) 5 year old kid. He is hilarious, goofy, and a strange strange man but we love that guy.

We moved in together about 6 months ago, and we got engaged sometime in November. I love it. I love him. I love that I get to marry this dork. He says we're just awesome just because. He always knows just what to say, sometimes. We're happy. We're lovely. We're in love. February 5th we will be married and then after that hopefully drunk on a beach somewhere. Thank you OkCupid for helping these two jerks find love!

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