Xander and Christa

Squid Love

Christa smells like burnt cheese sandwiches when she gets home from work. But I cuddle with her anyway. We never leave her bed. Ever. Well, except to make yummy vegan food. we love cooking for one another.

Neither of us had been having much luck on le cupid before we met. Christa told me she expected me to turn into a squid on our first date, I suppose because that's what all her other dates did. But we ended up spending all day and night together, and we've been seeing each other as often as her smelly job will allow.

I remember her saying that she had a good feeling about me. That makes me feel fuzzy. She makes me feel very lucky. It's rare that I find someone I'm this compatible with. We're both silly and cuddly and hungry and kitty loving and sexually insatiable. We are both a lot different(more awesome) than most people, so not just anyone would do! We haven't known each other very long but I think we both feel very optimistic and ambitious. :)

christa sez:

I am a nail biting fiend, but now I have much healthier nails because Xander slaps my hand whenever I try to bite.

Xandypants makes me smile, I love coming home and cuddling with him after work. Xander is unique to anyone I've ever met before, I'm really happy that he messaged me :) I look forward to all of the epic adventures that we are going to have.

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