Christi and Barry

Your Site Made the Distance Easy!

I met several great guys on this site. I liked a lot of them, and vice-versa, but knew for the most part that they were never to be more than friends. Then one day I got a message from Ethan6633. He was interested in my profile, NOT my pictures, and asked me about the things that I put down as very important to me. I asked him questions back, and we sort of interviewed each other for a month. He asked if we could talk on the phone, and I said yes, so for another month we turned to phone conversations.

We lived 5 hours from each other at the time, so I had no idea how we would meet with both of our jobs and schedules. But he was determined that if we liked each other that we could work it out. He actually drove up to Chicago to meet me in June when I was on my way home from another trip. Our first date he took me to a rock climbing wall and we competed to the top. He was impressed that I could make it all the way up. We had a very innocent first meeting, but we got to know each other so well from our previous conversations that it was clear by the end of the night that he was someone special.

Our love grew quickly and by August we took a trip down to Texas to meet my parents. I made it clear to him that I wasn't about to take any further steps until I knew that my family could accept him. Shortly thereafter he proposed to me, surprising me with a ring he picked out. We were married that December, 2008. Now, a year and a half later, we can confirm that we made the right decision. True love, based on trust and commitment, is awesome. And this site made everything clear and easy for us to get to know each other despite the distance.

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