Brittany and John

Long-haired love

Well, I (Brit) was just coming off a break-up and joined OKC to find someone to talk to. I am a smidgen of an extrovert. John, was already here meeting people just to talk to them, people watcher that he is. One day, while scanning through my matches, I saw this long-haired dude who just sounded like fun and messaged him. This message led to an ever growing list of conversations on the site, and later on AIM. As time progressed, he helped my through a rough patch in my life, and I helped him through a breakup with his then-gf. Talking with him was just so natural and easy.

As time went on, we got to hang out more and we both felt the other had become one of our best friends. If I wanted to see him I had to drive at least an hour, because he didn't even have a car yet!

Come to find out, during this time, John was falling in love with me, and although I was too, I didn't know it until I almost lost the chance to be with him entirely. Fortunately, I was not too late, and on October 2, we officially started dating. We now live in Starkville and attend MSU, and have a wonderful partnership, relationship, and friendship.

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