Marie and Kelly

That Captivating Smile

After speaking on the phone, we arranged to meet on a Wednesday for coffee but quickly moved the rendezvous up to Monday. I arrived, nervous, anxious, and only seeking to find a possible friendship. I sat at Starbucks, anxiously fiddling with my coffee cup when I looked up and our eyes met. I was taken aback when I saw her beautiful smile and have been captivated ever since. When Kelly walked in the room, the air thickened and I felt an overwhelming internal smile which consumed me. We spend almost every free moment after that initial one together and discovered a love and passion in each other that we never knew existed. This truly was love at first sight, and we knew right away that time did not matter when it came to the love that we have always carried for each other. We have the most amazing time together and complement each other so well. We quickly felt a level of trust with each other and realized that soul-mates do exist. I am pleased to announce that we are getting married in 29 days on May 14th, 2010, and are anxious to begin our life together, and I truly cannot wait to hold her as my wife. Thank you so much, OkCupid, for leading me to the most amazing and beautifully stunning woman. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect beginning to the rest of my life.

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