Amanda and Mike

Jeopardy Geek Love!

I had been using the site for a few months without much luck because I live in such a remote area. The day that Mike joined OkCupid, he found my profile and sent me a message. We were skeptical about each other at first, because it seemed so unlikely that we had so much in common and lived on the same road, only 4 miles apart.

Nevertheless, after texting and talking on the phone, we made a date for the next weekend. We went to dinner, but hardly got to talk because our waitress was so chatty. Later, while watching television, we discovered that we're both Jeopardy-loving geeks and had a great time competing over the show. As of yesterday, it's been nine months since we officially became a couple, and we couldn't be happier. We've lived a few miles apart for years, but never met until we both happened to choose the same dating site out of millions of choices. It really is amazing.

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