Jacqui and Giovanni

It's Love!

Soooo... I was writing to a friend and as I pressed 'send' and the message was delivered, three pictures of guys from the same country came up. I never really fancied anyone immediately on OkCupid, but this guy I did, so I 'wooed' him. I never expected him to come back with a reply, but a few days later, he added me on his favorites and wrote me a short mail.

We started chatting and I can still remember the thrill of seeing each other the first time on cam. We exchanged mails, both of us not really mentioning relationships, but we both wanted to meet face to face one fine day. So I took the plunge and booked with a tour (just in case we didn't like each other or something) and went to meet him in Sorrento.

Hmmmm... it's a lovely memory. From that day, we meet as much as we can, either he comes here or I go there myself. He just left this afternoon, and we miss each other terribly but we will be together soon.

Two years now... Thanks OK Cupid!

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