Pamela and Drew

First Date Jackpot

It all started with a friend canceling plans on me. I had talked with Drew online for about a month, and while I liked him, I wasn't convinced he was a good match for me. When I got online to try and find something to do with my free night, Drew was online with a similarly free evening. I thought, why not.

We met for dinner and I was instantly taken aback. Not only was he tall, but he was handsome and smart. I had hit the first date jackpot. The conversation never hit a dull point and the more we talked, the more we found in common. After dinner we played darts, which we both were horrible at, and then I took him home where I proceeded to kick some serious butt at video games. The end of the night was punctuated with a perfect kiss (one he had won whilst playing darts).

From that day on, we didn't really spend more than a few days apart from one another. A month later on my birthday, he told me he loved me (I said it back). A year later we moved in together. And two years after meeting (well technically one year and 364 days) he asked me to marry him. We're planning a June wedding in 2011.

I have found true love with my best friend and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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