Paula and Carl

'Tall, Beanie Headed Man seeks Tangerine for Naked Snow Running'

We met when I signed up for OkCupid at the recommendation of a friend, and spotted this really cute guy in a beanie at the top of my Match list. Every time I logged on, there he was. His headline was particularly memorable 'Tall, Beanie Headed Man seeks Tangerine for Naked Snow Running' - a reference to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I had just seen. I messaged him and we instantly bonded over my favourite film - Benny & Joon. He had seen it and told me he sometimes made cheese toasties with an iron, like Johnny Depp's character does in the film. Haha, I was smitten :)

We chatted online every night for a few weeks and agreed to meet up - at the time I lived in Montrose and he was in Edinburgh about an hour and a half South. We agreed he'd come up to Montrose and we'd go out, then take it from there.

Our initial meeting I was so scared, I almost stood him up! I remember we arranged to meet at the train station, we'd seen the pictures of each other, and I told him he'd spot me straight away because I was wearing bright pink shoes :) I was on the phone to my sister, who was telling me to be careful, he might be a serial killer ;). I remember taking a deep breath and rounding the corner to the station, and there he was sitting inside, and I knew I liked him instantly.

We took a train to Dundee and, after the initial nerves, conversation flowed. We went bowling, survived a bus ride through the dodgiest part of town, and had a great time bowling. I knew he liked me because he cheekily kicked me on the bum when I got up to bowl, which made me laugh. Then when we got back into town and went shopping, he made me laugh again by buying a Bewitched CD - cringe :). After hunting the whole of the city for just one decent restaurant we ended up in a small, scarily traditional Italian which we felt sure was owned by the Dundee Mafiosa. Our scarily Godfather-esque waiter and shots of sambuca complete with coffee beans (odd number for me, even for him!) just confirmed our fears ;)

The rest of the weekend passed in a haze of spending time together, with him cooking me dinner, and us saying a tearful goodbye at the train station, neither of us wanting to be the first to ask if we'd see each other again.

But we did, we saw each other every weekend in fact, and I made the decision to move down to Edinburgh (and face the 1.5 hr commute to uni in Dundee everyday!), because I felt it could go somewhere. Three months later we holidayed in Greece together, which was amazing, and on New Years Eve 2004 he told me he loved me and I said it back :)

We've been through our ups and downs, and after having lived together for almost our entire relationship we broke up last year and I moved out :(. We'd moved down South to Lincolnshire in May of last year, and had planned a trip back to Edinburgh to see our friends and family for Summer 2009. Even though we weren't back together we still planned to travel together, as he's my best friend :)

After a fantastic week in Edinburgh, visiting all our old haunts, catching some festival shows and spending time with friends , we drove North to Aberdeen, and he wanted to stop off at Montrose where we met on the way. It was a freezing cold and rainy day, and he seemed keen to drive to the beach which I thought was strange but sweet. The beach was deserted, wet and cold and all the attractions were closed, so we drove to Tesco where he popped into buy a few essentials. As I waited in the car I noticed he'd exited the shop and was hovering behind the which point I wound down the window and asked what he was doing. He came over to the window, got down on one knee, and presented me with a Haribo ring, telling me he loved me and asking me if I would marry him. For a minute I thought he was joking and he had to reassure me if he was serious! But he was, and whilst it was romantic and sweet I said I needed some time to think it over.

A week later, I said yes, and we're now planning our wedding for 2010/11. Thank you OkCupid!!!

PS: two of our very good friends, also from Edinburgh, recently got hitched, and they met a month before us, also on OkCupid!

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