Lindsey and Ben

Popcorn Love

He apparently commented on me first- I self-identified as a member of and he teased me about it. I didn't even notice. About a week later I saw him in my matches and commented about his love of microwave popcorn on his profile: "Fun fact: A chemical in microwave popcorn, diacetyl, responsible for the delicious, delicious butter flavor causes its own brand of lung disease! Okay, I guess that was a shitty fact. How are you?". His response included the phrase "fashionable helmets from old popcorn bags", I knew I liked him right away.

He was 20 and had never really been on a second date. Like a typical nerd he didn't really know how to make the first move. After a week of near constant conversation (he actually published a small book on of all of our emails for our second anniversary) I coaxed him to come over and watch a movie under the pretense that the movie was overdue and I needed to return it soon. I still have that movie.

Our first date was fun- he managed to save it from being a boring movie date by getting me to play Scrabble and talk- but neither of us made a move. The second date was turning out much the same way, both of us maintaining a perfect 2-inch distance from each other, until my mom called me to let me know she was putting my 13 year old dog to sleep. I told him I needed to go but that "I just need a hug". He still teases me about manipulating him into our first kiss- the dog was just recently put to sleep last month.

The longer we dated the more we realized we had in common. After a year we moved in together, things went really well. On March 12th he took me hiking for the first time (I'd been bugging him for two years to go). When we got to the top of the mountain we ate some jerky and trail mix, then he proposed to me with a ring and some champagne. Two days later I got into University of Illinois for grad school- it was such great timing for us. When he proposed he thought he was going to get stuck following me to a terrible, terrible town in Texas for grad school. He wanted to go to Illinois more than anywhere else, he grew up in the city there and they have the best program for him- I didn't think I'd make it in. Last week he was accepted there too, everything is working out perfectly! We're getting ready to start our new lives in a new state, planning our wedding for May 2011. I just bought my dress today!

We're a little young. When I posted my OKCupid profile I said I wasn't looking for anything serious. Ben wasn't looking for anything too serious either since he had never dated. But we found something that is far, far too good to walk away from. I've never met someone who made me so happy. He's a silly, lighthearted, loving man- everything I was always looking for but never really believed I'd find. Life is good in ways I couldn't have comprehended two and a half years ago.

Here's the pictures from our hike:

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