Ranna and Don


I had met some people who turned out to be very good friends on OKCupid years before. So I turned to okcupid again to meet some new people after my breakup. Don had seen my profile 6 months previously and sent me a message asking about my dogs. I didn't even see the message. When he saw my new profile up with some of the same pictures he almost blew me off but instead sent me a message asking for my opinion on some pretty impressive authors. I sent back a sassy missive and it moved on from there.

We spoke on the phone several times and sent emails at least once a day. He has a crazy work schedule in the summer but we carved out some time to meet each other in mid-August. We went to a local state park and hiked around the lake for a bit. It wasn't going well. We were both nervous and he couldn't even look at me. When we settled down on the dock to talk (read: sit next to each other awkwardly) I pulled out my secret weapon, a flask full of the loveliest Irish whiskey on earth. We had been speaking about our mutual love of scotch and whiskey so I brought him my favorite to try.

After breaking the ice, we spoke for the longest time. When the time came to drop me off at my car, the sparks were flying high! I had to pull over on my way home to catch my breath. It was love.

We spent several months dancing around each others apprehensions, scars and baggage. But it was from the start clear that Don and I are meant for each other. We are both opinionated, passionate and sometimes stubborn. What could have easily been a hot, short fling has become a partnership based on intimacy and love.

Close to 9 months later we are renovating a house to move into together and are planning to get married (something neither of us ever thought was possible). There is no way we would have met without OKCupid and that would have been unspeakably tragic.

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