Monica and Bill

One year, one month, one day

I sat in his "inbox" for 5 months. I had given Bill a 4 or 5 rating via Quickmatch back in October, 2009. At that point, perusing Quickmatch was only done out of boredom for me. In March 2010, he found he had an OkCupid application for his phone and he tried it out. He happened to check out Quickmatch after seeing the message in his inbox. He rated me a 4 or 5 as well and received his "You've both rated each other 4 or 5" message. He emailed me right away with some common interests. I emailed him back later that night and we sent long emails for a short 3 days. We found it quite erie that we had gone to the same high school at the same time for a while.

After constant text messaging on St. Paddy's Day, he decided he just had to meet me. He brought a friend down and joined me and my friends for some drinks. We knew instantly when we saw each other that we would follow each other to the dark side of the moon. After an awesome hug at the end of the night, we said goodbye. I couldn't stop smiling all the way home. When I got home, I found I had an email from Bill saying the exact same thing. We talked on the phone that night until 5 in the morning. We have been inseparable ever since.

During a weekend at a SciFi convention (that's the type of people we are), he bought us claddagh rings to wear as promises to each other. We knew from the beginning that we were the ones for each other and have talked about the rest of our lives together since then. On April 28th 2010, Bill proposed to me in the same place we first met in person. It's hard not to cry when someone does that. We are moving in together at the end of May. The wedding date is set for April 16th, 2011. One year, one month, one day, from the day we met.

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