Deborah and Stirling

Treasure Among Men

I'd seen Stirling's profile weeks prior to messaging him but hadn't had the courage to address someone that was so remarkable in both description and appearance, so I had reluctantly turned away. Two or three weeks later he had logged in to change his profile and at the same time, I had looked again out of some sense of wanting to "see" him one more time (I had planned to cancel my account here). This time I was stronger or the "call" was stronger... and I did message him, a decision for which I am going to be eternally grateful.

Stirling is everything in his profile and then some; a treasure among men. I've never met someone that was so remarkably RIGHT... even the things that are different are fascinating and comfortable at the same time. I know this is very new but at the same time it has a "where have you BEEN all this time? I've been WAITING." feel about it. The wonderful thing is, we would never have met if it wasn't for OKCupid... we don't live anywhere near one another and neither of us travels through each other's small town.

Wherever this leads, it started here... and I am very grateful that here exists.

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